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Reply: Governemt scams

Government Grant Scam

Whats the trick? Someone calls you and offers you a free government grant. But to get it, you have to give them your personal infomation. Address, birth date, banc account number and so on. Be careful! The only thing they want to do, is to steal your personal data! First, to become a govenment grant, you have to apply for it. They never call you out of the blue. The government neither calls to send a letter or email to offer grants. Before they approve a government grant, they have to prove your financial situation. But you don’t have to pay fees for it. Your application only will be accepted in written form, not by call. See experiences on ... READ MORE
Reply: Latest News

High season for tax fraud calls!

Are you busy with your tax return, too? The deadline this year is April 17th. Fraudulent callers take advantage of the tax season time! On our website the most unsafe ratings and comments are posted about the topic tax fraud. Please don't let yourself be pressured from someone who claimed to be from „IRS“, the „CRA“ or other government agencies! You can get more information in our forum! ... READ MORE
Reply: Fraud against seniors Contact BBB for help and report scam calls to the FTC! Nevertheless, medical alarm systems are a very good measure for seniors as they can save lives. Don't trust any fraudsters on the phone, but rather get information directly from reputable companies. ... READ MORE
Reply: Fraud against seniors What can I do if I'm not sure? ... READ MORE
Reply: Do Not Call Registry

FTC helps fraud victims to get their money back!

A few figures on the success story of the FTC. In one year (between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017) … – more than $6.4 billion in refunds were returned to consumers (especially through law enforcement actions). – more than $391 million in refund checks were mailed by the FTC. – more than 6 million people benefited. Note: The FTC will never ask you for payment to receive a refund. ... READ MORE
Reply: Latest News

Disaster fraud: fake FEMA call fraud alert!

The caller pretends to be a FEMA employee and asks for personal data. Attention! There is the danger of identity theft! Please read on the FEMA website how to protect yourself! For example, it explained what to do if you try to register for FEMA assistance online, but you receive a verification error. Or you will learn what you can do if a caller is asking you to verify your FEMA registration, even if you did not appley. ... READ MORE
Topic: Latest NewsI am a victim of identity theft... <div>I am Naira Cardi. I am being scammed by hackers and scammers. I also found out that not only scammers have stolen my cell number (later I will explain how they use stolen phone numbers), but they also made soliciting calls from two other numbers  (419-722-6848, 614-804-038) and use my name. I am not familiar with those numbers at all. After I ... READ MORE

Helpful Comments

Phone NumberRatingTime
Helpful Number
This number is Dan Cronin from TriMech, a SolidWorks reseller.
6 days ago
Helpful Number
Legitimate call, he left a message, I called back, same voice, nice kid.
7 days ago
Helpful Number
This is MY number. It is safe unless these things are going on... *You get harassing none stop calls until you pick up. or *Someone other than Mandy or Amanda talks to you and tries to get information out of you. If you call the number back you will get me. My number is being Spoofed. ...
7 days ago
Helpful Number
Self Reflection T-Shirt Company
7 days ago
Helpful Number
Very nice
7 days ago
Helpful Number
This is ServiceNow Technical Support.
7 days ago
Helpful Number
Generic Number that appears for anyone calling from Elavon Merchant Services.
7 days ago

The last feedbacks our Phone Directory

Phone NumberRatingTime
Unsafe Caller!
This number was included in a text message: “”(WellsFargo) Account suspended. Call us now at: (844) 387-4038 CustomerID:565470E953ME9Y [Attachment(s) removed]””. I don’t have a Wells Fargo account. Very unsafe!!
1 hours ago
Unsafe Caller!
Tanya Cardenas
2 hours ago
Unsafe Caller!
SCAMMER: Claims there are arrest warrants out for me and that i and my property are being monitored. I called back and told them to stop calling, they just hung up. Obviously I m not in trouble or they would have tried to persuade me.
3 hours ago
Unsafe Caller!
Hung up without leaving voice message. Caller ID just said PIMA AZ
4 hours ago
Unsafe Caller!
This same number called and a man yelling said "This is officer so and so from the IRS, pay $3,481 within the hour or risk being arrested." Called the number back and it was disconnected.
6 hours ago
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