vCard Generator

What Are vCards?
These little tools are essentially virtual business cards, as they contain contact information for each user in a phone book. Different email programs like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo generally synchronize this information easily and automatically, etc.

As the contact information on the vCard updates on the device, it will transmit the information on a sync to your email account on a remote server. In addition, of course, the reverse is true, when you update the information over a computer your device will get the updated vCard pushed to it by the email server on the next sync. This is how vCards are used every day, and without you doing a thing.

How can I benefit?
An immediate benefit for the user is to have their contact list backed up to a vCard, which is obtained directly from your email account contacts, or from your device is peace and ease of mind. The reason for this is simple, as what would happen if you phone address book was corrupted, and duplicated (or more) every contact? On the next sync, your email account would look exactly like that, and even worse, what would happen if your address book erased from your phone, and synchronized? If you said, every name, email, address on your email account would be gone; then you are correct. This is where vCard backups are useful, and do not take up much room. Since a vCard is only raw data of essential data (name, phone, email, etc.), an entire address book in vCard format would fit on an old 3.5″ floppy disk with room to spare. In addition, let us say you have an Android device, and obviously, it synchronizes easy to Gmail. However, what happens if you move to a Windows device, and now there is no native support for Gmail sync? You will have two choices, painfully re-enter every contact, and let us say this option is not efficient. Alternatively, you can log in to your Gmail account export your contact list to a vCard file, and you can import or email that file to your Windows device.

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