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    Tech support scam: virus!

    You see a warning on your computer screen: it looks like a pop up and says that you have a virus on your computer. A phone number is displayed to solve the computer problem. This is a scam! Don´t call the number!

    There is no computer problem and the message is not from the technical support!

    Have a look at this short video from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Scam-O-Meter: Tech Support


    Tech support scam: refunds

    Did you lost money because of a tech support scam? If so, you could get a call from someone who claims to help you to get your money back. But he needs your personal information or some money for doing this.

    Never give out your financial or personal information to anyone who calls you! And don´t give them acces to you computer or some money!

    When you received a scam call, please report it to the FTC and rate the number on check-caller!


    The most common way of the technic support scam:

    The scammer claims to work for a well-known technical company like Microsoft or Apple.
    He wants „to help” to solve a computer problem (for example remotely removing a virus). Because of this he needs access to your computer. Often he offers the service for a fee or he tries to sell a worthless software.
    Many people also report that the caller speaks poorly english or has a strong foreign accent.

    Take Precautions:

    • Remember: The caller does not have to be the one he pretends to be.
    • Do not give control of your computer to any stranger
    • Never share passwords or personal information.
    • If you are not sure about the identity of the caller, call the company directly – by using a legitimate number.
    • Check regularly your bank and credit card statements.

    The fraudsters want access to your personal information or collect money. Please, do not fall for this scam! Just hang up!


    Netflix Customer Support

    You have problems with your Netflix account and want to contact Technical Support? An online search will help you to find an apparently correct toll-free phone number.

    But watch out! Fraudsters take advantage of this! “Assistants”will tell you that your account has been hacked and remote access is necessary to fix everything.

    Never give strangers remote access to your computer!

    Contact the Netflix Help Center directly!


    Microsoft licence scam

    Unrequested phone calls from any technical support are mostly a scam!

    Robocalls are currently circulating with the message, that your Microsoft license has expired and your computer would be shut down if you do not renew the license key. Others see this fake error message on their PC screen with the request to call a certain number. In both cases it is a fraud and the name of Microsoft is used illegally.

    To “renew” your license, you could be asked:
    – to give out your credit card number.
    – to buy products or services for a high price.
    – to give someone remote access to your computer.

    The risks are as follows:
    – security risks for you computer (infecting with virus or malware)
    – data theft
    – loss of money

    Please, avoid falling on this scam! More information about the Microsoft tech support fraud can be found directly at the website of Microsoft.


    Google scam calls

    You have been called by someone from „Google Support“ who offered you paid business listings, to help to improve your business’s search rankings or asking for personal information, because there was a problem with your Google account or your payment information?

    That was obviously a Google scam call. Why?

    • Google never charge for their „My Business“ services
    • They don´t offer to improve your search ranking
    • They never ask you for your password or verification code
    • They don´t call to ask you for your credit card details.

    If you want a Google call, you have to request for it!


    Beware of Fake Support Phone Numbers

    Many consumers start with an online search to get a customer support phone number.
    Be careful when a toll-free number appears. Not every phone number is genuine and trustworthy. Fraudsters can use fake, similar-looking websites.

    How to get a real support number:
    Look at a trusted document provided by the company. (e.g. a bank statement, a contract or an invoice)
    Check the URL twice and carefully when you are getting the number from the company’s website.

    Watch out for hackers and protect yourself from scammers.

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