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    Car warranty scam

    Do you own a car and a phone? Then you may receive a phone call about an extended auto warranty. In that business are many fraudulent companies operating as third-party suppliers or insurer. They will tell you that your car warranty is about to expire.

    What you should know:

    • Fraudsters often have personal data of your car or car warranty!
    • Even if the phone number appears to be authentic, the caller ID could be spoofed.
    • Maybe you will be pressured to make a quick decision (e. g.: “last offer”, “final notice: expiring car warranty”). Be careful and don’t get involved!
    • If you are asked for your social security number, driver’s license number or credit card or bank account information, don’t give it out! Your personal data could be collected and misused!

    If you decide to extend your car warranty:

    • To be sure, choose a warranty directly from the car´s manufacturer.
    • Or if you want to select a third party provider, search for other customers’ experiences on the Internet.
    • To check the seriosity of the provider, ask for as many details as possible (e. g.: exact description of the car).
    • Request for a written copy of the terms and conditions and don’t accept payments before!

    If you follow these tips, you won’t fall for car warranty scams!


    Scam with the New Medicare Card

    Medicare changes its cards for more consumer security. The new cards will be issued by Medicare from April 2018. This process will take approximately one year.

    Fraudsters take advantage of the unawareness of consumers and impersonate themselves as Medicare employees. Victims are asked for personal data (such as the Social Security Number) or forced to pay a fee for the new card.

    • Medicare is not placing any calls regarding the new cards
    • To receive a new card you don’t have to pay anything
    • Remember not to give personal information to unknown or unsolicited callers

    Medicare has deliberately staggered the delivery of the new cards. This ensures that the cards are all received at different times – which makes it harder for the fraudsters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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