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Unsafe Caller!
2 months ago
„Number obtained from spam postal mail yellow postcard. It says I have closed on a mortgage and I need to call 844-958-3116 regarding this matter. It is just spam so they can try to sell something related to a home warranty possibly. I did not call the number. “
(Type Call)
Unsafe Caller!
4 months ago
„After using different ways to search, I have discovered that the possible name is "Home Warranty Corporation or Company" and they have used the same tactic as before: a yellow or pink postcard that now reads, "This notice is regarding your recently closed mortgage recorded on (date). We need you to call us about an important matter regarding this loan. This is time sensitive so please call us at 844-958-3116 (Previously 888-982-0853) as soon as possible." And in very small print at the bottom right it reads: All information provided by H.W.C. 844-958-3116 (Previously 888-982-0853). Not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by your current lender" I am still trying to confirm their name and location.“
(Type Unknown)
Unsafe Caller!
4 months ago
„Received a yellow postcard with no company name or address. They re asking me to call (844) 958-3116 regarding my mortgage balance pay-off that was recently paid in full. The card reads, "We need you to call us about an important matter" and "This is time sensitive" but my guess is that they want to quote me a loan; however, since I no longer have a home loan - I don t want to pay for another home loan. I want to know who sent me the card.“
(Type Unknown)

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2Carl JunctionUnited States
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2North HollywoodUnited States
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2MesaUnited States
2Round LakeUnited States
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1Las VegasUnited States
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1Santa AnaUnited States

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